Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the use of online strategies to promote, advertise, brand and market products or services. Digital Marketing encompasses a number of techniques including banner ads, online public relations, email campaigns, online newsletters, online surveys, viral marketing and pay per click. Two very helpful forms of Digital Marketing are Blogs and Video.

Blog Marketing Services

Blog marketing builds relationships with your readers and other authors/influencers within your industry. The person running the blog can be considered a brand ambassador who directly connects your brand to the bigger world that exists on the Internet. Matts & Davidson’s blog marketing services can be broken down into the following areas:
  • Commenting / outreach to blog authors and other influencers
  • RSS optimization and marketing
  • Technical blog configuration and add-on management
  • Content production
  • SEO

Blog Advertising

Matts & Davidson will purchase ads on blogs and blog networks for you. Blog marketing, placing advertising in blogs and blog feeds, allows advertisers to extend the reach of their messages beyond traditional search engine advertising, and lets them hit their target audience, while actively engaged in reading content relevant to an advertiser’s business. Because blogs and feeds are relatively uncluttered with advertising, blog advertising is likely to resonate well with engaged readers. Best of all, when blog marketing is combined with Matts & Davidson’s traditional Web 2.0 initiatives, advertisers can often reap the benefits of having both simultaneous, natural, and paid search presence on a particular blog or feed property.

Viral Videos

The Benefits: Through video marketing you can take full advantage of the growing popularity of online video sites. Viral videos offer unique benefits:
  • Once produced, the video can be uploaded. Viral videos have the potential to spread your message and brand exponentially via word of mouth, blog postings, emails, etc.
  • The page listing the video content may rank high on its own within search engines.
  • They give you an opportunity to significantly increase the amount of inbound links back to your site

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