Computer Forensics

Is your intellectual property properly secured?

computer forensics In any business, all stakeholders and participants continually generate electronic information about the business which is a great asset to the organization. This “intellectual property” should be safeguarded against misuse or theft. Unfortunately, this is often not adequately protected. The number of crimes related to theft and misuse of intellectual property is steadily rising.

Computer Forensics for your help

Computer Forensics equips you with the ability to discover and investigate the misuse or theft of sensitive information. We provide a wide range of computer forensic services:

  • Electronic media imaging and analysis
  • Metadata recovery
  • E-mail review
  • De-duplication of Email
  • Analysis of user activities
  • Internet usage timelines
  • Social Networking Profiling

Collect data and trail from any type of source or device

We can collect data (including deleted data in most cases) and trails from all types of electronic devices running on different software like:

  • Computers , laptops and smart devices
  • Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux
  • iPhone, Blackberry, Android cell phones and hand held devices

Call Us Now!

If you have been a victim, or suspect cases including:

  • Manipulation and destruction of electronic evidence
  • Frauds involving electronic trails and evidences
  • Improper access to electronic data
  • Copyright infringement and
  • Theft of intellectual property, call our Computer Forensics team now to advise you on appropriate course of action.


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Computer Forensics

Is your intellectual property properly secured? In any business, all stakeholders and participants continually generate… READ MORE