How to Get on the First Page of Google Search?

Getting your website on the first page of Google search can be an overwhelming task. Google uses many tools and algorithms to determine how a website should display in its search results. By following the steps mentioned below, it is possible to get your website on the first page of Google search results.

Create quality and original content

The first step to increasing your website’s ranking is to create a quality website with original content. Focus on the quality of the text. Check for correct grammar and spelling. If the pages on your website have similar content, or if you steal content from other websites, your website will be docked. Always write original content.

Incorporate appropriate images

Incorporate appropriate images to match your text. Do not steal someone else’s images. If possible, use your company’s original photos. Ensure that the selected images are high quality.

Use keywords

Find and use keywords appropriate for your business. Use them in the website’s content. Remember not to overload the text with the keyword, but use it many times.

Choose a good domain name

Try to fit your main keyword into your domain name as the first word in the domain.

Use descriptions

Add invisible descriptions for pictures and pages. Try to fit at least one keyword into the text. This will help your rankings.

Use headers

Just like descriptions, headers are another part of the website code where you can add text. Fit at least one keyword into the text to help your rankings.

Create quality backlinks

Backlinks are when another website that gets more hits than your website links to your page. You can search for websites that are in the same vein as yours to do some cross promotion. It is also good to do guest postings on other blogs. In this way you can link them to your site.

Update your website regularly

Find small ways to regularly update and maintain your website. You can do this by adding new posts such as photos from events, blogs, etc. every couple of months.

Contact us

If you need help to increase your website’s ranking, contact Matts & Davidson, Inc. We are in the business of helping your business succeed. We provide a comprehensive solution in search engine optimization. You can call us at 800-353-8867 or 914-220-6576 or email us at

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