5 Ways Social Media Impacts SEO

Social media

Some search engines do not allow social media sites to directly affect the ranking of a website. However, social media indirectly influences SEO and gives marketing professionals several ways to put their businesses front and center on search engine results pages.

The following are five ways social media impacts SEO.

  1. Social media generates and increases the volume of website traffic.

    Posting links or content relating to the links garner shares, likes and comments. This creates awareness about the brand or the products and services, as well as encouraging users to visit the websites.

  2. Social media increases profile ranking in search engines.

    When you type the name of a business in a search engine, the social media profile and its official website appears. If the rank of the website and its social media profile are good, it increases its visibility.

  3. Social media increases the potential for external links.

    According to Moz, external links and the authority of the websites doing the linking are the contributing factors to achieving high ranking in search engines such as Google. Social media is a great platform to share and promote content. Most people like to link to content they want to read and share themselves. This increases the likelihood of other websites referring and linking back to it, creating external links.

  4. Social media increases brand awareness.

    Facebook had 1.71 billion monthly active users during the second quarter of 2016 and there are 317 million monthly active users on Twitter as of the third quarter. These are huge figures and reveal how important social media is for generating brand awareness. Mentioning blogs or sites on social media without hyperlinks can create and increase brand awareness also.

  5. Local SEO relies on social media.

    Google, Ipsos Media and Purchased reported that 80 percent of smartphone users perform mobile searches to find businesses near them. This shows that geography plays a major role in user experience, and search engines are paying attention to this fact. Some social websites name businesses to leverage locality. Such websites offer an opportunity to show geographic placement and provide a platform for customers to discuss the business. The more people that review or engage with your business online, the more likely the search engines will identify your websites.

    While social media might not seem to have a direct connection to SEO, it does influence online marketing success. As the number of social media users increase, social signals will become more powerful in terms of ranking. The keys to getting maximum benefits from social media is producing quality content that is worth sharing and taking advantage of the available platforms.

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